Digitalization, inclusiveness, innovation, and connection are the core values at the heart of JD Digits' to fulfill its social responsibilities, create long-term social value, and promote sustainable development. The company is committed to applying digital technology to the areas with the greatest potential, including inclusive digital finance, targeted poverty relief, financial risk management, innovation-driven development, and smart city development, with the aim of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and achieving its mission of “creating a better future with technology.”

Digital Finance

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Combating Financial Fraud

Helping the real economy serve micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
JD Digits' achievements in digital finance include the following: supporting over 200,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); establishing over 10,000 JD Finance stations; serving more than 20 million rural users; enabling more than 17,000 start-ups to secure urgently needed funding; helping SMEs, consumers and farmers, as well as others from rural areas, enjoy more secure and inclusive financial services; and driving new job creation as well as contributing to China's transition towards a consumer- and services-oriented economy.
Serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers through targeted poverty alleviation
Harnessing the advantages of its complete urban-to-rural value chain, JD Digits is dedicated to helping alleviate poverty through crowdfunding, industry assistance, and other financing methods. JD Digits has completed over 300 crowdfunding projects for nearly 100 deprived rural Chinese counties, raising more than USD 2.16 million. On average, the projects raised more than quadruple their original targets. JD Digits continues to work closely with the most vulnerable groups in society to help ensure they have the best future possible.
JD Digits' advanced risk management
JD Digits' advanced risk management and information security systems – powered by big data, AI, and user identification technologies. This has helped to safeguard against financial system risks. JD Digits' highly sophisticated anti-fraud system has already prevented millions of cases of fraud.